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Some Helpful Ideas for Your Small Garden

There are many reasons why a well made small garden design is desirable to many people. You might have a small space at home which is ideal for a small home garden. Some people prefer having a small garden even if they have a very large yard space. Small garden design ideas would be very useful to city dwellers where the only space they can plant is their balcony or small patio.

A great design for a small garden space can really create a beautiful small garden in your home. However, you need a lot of forethought and careful planning to be able to make a small garden design really work.

Here are some ideas you can use for your small garden design.

Find out the reason why you want to have a small garden at home. You can create a small garden to beautify your home, to use plants for food or for medicinal or beauty purposes, or for both beauty and function.

If it is only for beautification purposes they you should choose visually attractive plants for your garden. If you are designing a garden with plants that can be eaten or used in other productive manner, you will have a small functional garden. A hybrid garden is a combination of the two garden ideas, the decorative and the functional.

Use raised beds in your small garden to make for a more vigorous crop. These raised beds are ideal for any small garden and you can construct them in any shape. If you live in a small apartment with a balcony, then you can build raised bed planters in the corners of your balcony and a straight narrow one along the front parallel to the railing. You don’t only have plenty of growing space, it also still leave plenty of space for your balcony.

You can have a vertical or a horizontal garden. A wall or a fence can easily be turned into a living wall by adding hanging planters or vines to it.

Staggering plants of different heights and colors around one another can help create visual appeal to your small garden. You garden will look larger since texture and dimension is created in it.

These ideas can be used to create a ideal small garden. Adding your own ideas to the ones given above will give you a beautiful garden after your own desires. Or, to make a really beautiful and functional garden in your home, you can also use the services of professional garden designers to help you with your small garden design.

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